Empires And Puzzles Dark Chest (2024)

1. Farming to Fill Special Elemental Chests - Player Guides

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  • If you get a special chest like Holy Chest or Ice Chest here is where I have found to hunt monsters in the most efficient manor. Below are the levels that have all one color/element. Most have 11 monsters of the same color which makes getting 150 monsters pretty easy. ==Season 1== PURPLE or Dark 3.4, 4.3, 5.5, 8.4, 10.4, 11.7 and 12.5 GREEN or Nature 6.3, 6.6, 7.5 and 17.5 BLUE or Ice 8.1, 8.3, 8.5, 9.1, 9.3, 9.5, 13.5 and 13.8 YELLOW of Holy 9.4, 10.6, 12.3 and 16.3 RE...

2. Wanted Missions | Empires and Puzzles Wiki - Fandom

  • Wanted Chest Rewards · Elemental Wanted Chest

  • Not to be confused with Missions. Wanted Missions appear as chests (and are colloquially known so) in the upper left corner of the home/Base screen. To open each chest and gain some loot, players must attain a number of kills. The three default types require killing: 100 monsters (on the Map or in Quests); 40 Heroes (as faced when raiding or in War); and 5 Titans (which can be tackled when within an alliance). Rare Elemental Chests sometimes appear instead of any of the three, presenting the cha

3. Dark Chest - OSRS Wiki

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  • The Dark Chest is a chest in the basem*nt of the Crumbling Tower on the Isle of Souls. It can be opened with a dark key for 1,500 Thieving experience, which uses up the key.

4. Elemental Chests Guide (Rare Wanted Missions) in Empires ...

5. Best Map Stages | The Big and The Small

  • My Empires and Puzzles info, tips, and tricks page · All Tips For Playing ... Dark Chest, but rewards will be better in S3 during Valhalla. Do you have a ...

  • Best Map Stages - Best stages to farm in season 1. Top places to fill your rare elemental chests. Get the most out of Atlantis Rises and Valhalla!

6. Enemies | Empires and Puzzles Wiki - Fandom

  • Evil Chest. Suspicious Chest, Dark icon (Pirates and Villains), Enemy shields all incoming attacks for 2 turns before striking. Upon defeating the ...

  • In battles of the map stages and quests, the player's team face waves of enemies of various elements, more often two or three. The ordinary enemies encountered are called Monsters (or colloquially Mobs). In some situations, the enemies are stronger and unique from others, sharing Special Skills with bosses. Those are called Elite Enemies (or colloquially Mini Bosses). For Path of Valor Challenges and Daily Challenges the term 'enemy' refers to Monsters including Elite Enemies and bosses as well

7. Rogue empire dark heroes - maddysfullyagosting1983's Ownd

  • 5 dec 2023 · (You can read these guides on the best heroes in empires and puzzles ... Chest Fire Chest Farming – Fire monsters. rogue empire dark heroes.

  • ‹ í}ùoיàïù+žÛِ\w7ûà!¶D9%Ytt0"%Y>@¼®zÝ]b]®ƒÍ¶-À–f3ì,0‹ ’ °3;;3I°É»?‚Øø/ “Ì̱ßñ^ÝÕMJ–bÊ&«^½ã{ßûîw]yͬd*1J<÷ê7¾! ?W0M¸ÒnמȚ°e"‘’VA²]«]½2RÒ¾zÅS‰ÖHF ’Þl\ª­êäQ’„ õaêœl×Þi<Øiì^(§ïªš°?Q>”Ù»±­ì¡ÊJùÒSÛµGÃ J ǎŒ¶muâXªA/õ4VQ#¶¤+¡Îm?¨;¾“8Ò¥4µÝn¶ê$y©WL‘§ål:qWºÙ)×Ã.%QªjWïÃT å…N„¹¢c1RQ bñ‰ð¤mOâAêº9âÄñ‡í­KÝo½~ÚÙ¼‹{cß¾²JÕ_½â:þñÜFD¤Üíš%ýÀw ´šEj°]C,ƽÕÕU_ZÇ¡+?’M@Q_PsÓ ¼ÕZW׶.m¶×·ÖV§0i«ØŠœ0q¿€Ì×çöhŒE¼.®)艁-_DÒ±cñ«Oÿ³Hœ0ߒ^xY$‘cÇXP5wÓPØQ†X ó9Ô´*3€Bø®¢d²]ô{2» Òz§³¹¹±Ñi·/]ÚXߨ({i䊼(nªëD&(T*£Ä±\5'/d!ó<4V—þJŽÀåxr¨*ð'À®VŽRORä#Çnð×Õ¡t]MV[›Ýæ“pXÝBì$ê ²ÐÊ8§º27@Ö-ÔôD½½?E÷ÉØIõ,©,N=OF“9™ÌBæog=Ÿ“ÿ¢äp191§‘¯Õ”ûRȦÜH‰žc÷œpøŦ¶Ú퍵֥îú‚r +ff@œaÚwôxµÓé´;[Ýy£,ÀíÐU w&Eb¡·MkÒW ÇOšÜïs ­¬êÕk©ŸDź`vÒH¤x€PéO«H>W¤*q¡A_"¡T…„0¨%RÑjÇoœbÄ5ãÿ+A¨¼‰•_™Þ—Ö>Žž'Ã*pŠ˜lÜÚª.Vª¯Èb–D4êöªÇ«h45Á,jtۛöúF×î7!Y›q2qU

8. Monster Island: Empires and Puzzles Guide - Old Cynic

  • 27 nov 2022 · Treasure Chests, Relic Chests, and Chest Keys (Monster Island). There ... Against Dark characters, this status effect becomes ...

  • • Monster Island is a fresh and fun take on an Alliance-based Empires and Puzzles Event, distinct enough for me to go all out on a new monster post to cover

9. The Best Season 1 Farming Levels – Mother of Empires and Puzzles

  • 23 mei 2020 · food: 9-1; iron: 9-1; Monster Chest: 7-4; Fire Chest: 4-1; Ice Chest: 8-7; Holy Chest: 12-9; Dark Chest: 7-4; Nature Chest: 6-3, 7-5; any 2*, 3* ...

  • “Farming” on Empires and Puzzles has nothing to do with planting or harvesting crops. It means going through the Story Map battles for the purpose of collecting loot. Some provinces or …

10. How do I get a Rare Wanted Mission chest? - Small Giant Games Support

  • Empires & Puzzles. Web. English ... How do I get a Rare Wanted Mission chest? Last Updated: 1154d. Rare Wanted Mission chests are rare and appear randomly, as ...

  • Rare Wanted Mission chests are rare and appear randomly, as long as you continue completing your regular Wanted Mission chests. There are five

11. Empires & Puzzles: Guide to Resources and Farming - BlueStacks

  • 22 jan 2024 · Monsters for the Elemental Chests · Purple monsters: 8-4 or 7-4 (with 11 or 9 to 15 dark monsters, respectively). · Blue monsters: 8-7 (with 9 to ...

  • From recruits to food and iron, player XP, monsters, and special items, there are plenty of reasons to farm in Empires & Puzzles. Find out how to farm effectively in this BlueStacks guide.

12. Empires and Puzzles Ultimate farming guide - Updated March 2020

  • 28 mrt 2020 · Fire Chest Farming – Fire monsters · Ice Chest Farming – Ice monsters · Nature Chest Farming – Nature monsters · Dark Chest Farming – Dark monsters.

  • Empires and Puzzles Farming information for every resource you need - farming recruits, farming epic ascension materials, stages for elemental chests

13. Latest topics - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

  • Titan Chest Vent Thread / Bad Titan Chest Loot / Is Titan Chest Loot a Joke? ... Hunter - 5* Dark / Purple - Shadow hero from Secret Summon · Player Guides.

  • Official Community Forum for Empires & Puzzles by Small Giant Games

14. Chest - Dark and Darker Wiki

  • Name, Class Requirements, Movement Speed, Armor/Magic Rating, Attributes, Other. Adventurer Tunic. -3. Armor Rating 17 18 19~20 21 22 23 23. Max Health Add

15. Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire - OSRS Wiki

  • Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire is a grandmaster quest in the Mahjarrat series, and a sequel to Desert Treasure I. Billed as the hardest and longest ...

  • Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire is a grandmaster quest in the Mahjarrat series, and a sequel to Desert Treasure I. Billed as the hardest and longest quest released in Old School RuneScape to date, the quest features some of the most intensive combat encounters in the game and rewards players with the ability to fight four high-level bosses which drop the Virtus robes and pieces of both the soulreaper axe and ancient rings.

16. [Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Farming Levels That Are Excellent!

  • 8 apr 2022 · Spawns Dark enemies, which is perfect when farming them for a Dark chest; Drops a lot of valuable resources for crafting items and further ...

  • [Top 10] Empires and Puzzles Best Farming Levels That Are Excellent!

Empires And Puzzles Dark Chest (2024)


What is the best red stage in empires and puzzles? ›

20-4 is the best Season 1 level for red. The others will also work, in descending order. In fairness, there isn't really an ideal level for farming red monsters for the chests, but 20/4 is the least bad in my experience.

How many people play Empires and Puzzles? ›

It appears there are roughly 1 million active Empires and Puzzles players around the world.

Which heroes to keep in empires and puzzles? ›

I would say Mist and Bogart that´s it. Hansel is also great if you don´t have other similar heroes already. Ahhotep is good, but many alternatives exist. The rest isn´t important, which of course doesn´t mean useless.

What is strong against Red Empires and Puzzles? ›

Blue is strong against red and weak against green. Red is strong against green and weak against blue. Yellow and purple are strong against each other and weak against themselves.

How important are troops in empires and puzzles? ›

In the early game, there are more important things like building up your heroes and team synergies. But once you've got that built up, troops become more important. If you have heroes, you're essentially working on heroes for more depth. Troops can provide an advantage here when heroes stagnate.

How much money does empires and puzzles make? ›

CharacteristicRevenue in million U.S. dollars
Empires & Puzzles: Match-3 RPG64.76
Merge Dragons!32.15
Zynga Poker25.13
Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells16.74
6 more rows
May 27, 2024

How do you beat empires and puzzles? ›

To help you out, we've put together the 10 most useful tips and tricks for beginners.
  1. The AutoPlay Function Is Sometimes Good Enough. ...
  2. Always Equip Your Strongest Troops. ...
  3. Compare Special Skills to Decide on a Hero. ...
  4. Create and Use Battle Items. ...
  5. Build the Watchtower Early. ...
  6. Take Advantage of Enemy Weaknesses. ...
  7. Join an Alliance.
Jan 22, 2024

What colors are best in empires and puzzles? ›

Empires & Puzzles Colour Stacking Explained
  • Yellow (Holy) is strong against Purple (Dark), but weak against Yellow.
  • Purple is strong against Yellow, but weak against Purple.
  • Red (Fire) is strong against Green (Nature), but weak against Blue (Ice)
  • Blue is strong against Red, but weak against Green.
Jul 20, 2021

What is the best position for heroes in empires and puzzles? ›

the left side should be reserved for heroes who will help the heroes who will fire next (in case everyone is charged up at the same time) - revivers, dispelers, attack buffers, defence debuffers, healing buffers, healers (healers should fire earlier since if the hero who fires afterwards hits a hero with riposte, they ...

What is the best stage for food in empires and puzzles? ›

For food, these are: 13-2 (with 675 Food per Energy point), 8-4, 7-5, 6-5, 5-7, and 4-6. Meanwhile, you can get the most iron from: 15-4 (with 1909 Iron per Energy point), 12-1, 8-4, 10-5, and 6-8.

What is a hard map stage in empires and puzzles? ›

Each stage also has a Normal mode and a Hard mode, with Hard mode offering a more substantial quantity of coins. Season 2 provinces also lack outposts (like all Seasons after it) and Elite Enemy stages and, but have special stages where unusual battle conditions are in place.


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