"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (2024)

Quest Journal Entry
The Overseer wants you to learn more about Vault 79 and recruit others to help you break into it.

General Quest Information

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  • Talk to the Overseer
  • Enter Vault-Tec University
  • Talk to the Overseer
  • Talk to Professor-Bot
  • Talk to the Security Chief
  • Talk to Head Engineer Brass
  • Talk to Doctor Loris
  • Search the Reactor Area
  • Deliver Estella's Holotape to Robinson
  • Follow Security Chief Robinson
  • Talk to Professor-Bot
  • Search theRestricted Wing
  • Listen to the Presentation
  • Talk to the Overseer
  • Talk to Meg about Vault 79
  • Talk to Paige about Vault 79

Quest Walkthrough

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  • Location(s): Vault-Tec University, The Crater, The Foundation
  • Prerequisite: The New Arrivals
  • Next Quest: Trade Secrets(Settler) ORCheating Death (Raiders)
  • Concurrent Quest: None

Talk to the Overseer

  • Speak to the Overseer and she will ask you to meet her at Vault-Tec University

Talk to the Overseer

  • in Vault-Tec University, go up the stairs to locate the Overseer in the first room to your right.
  • Inside, the Overseer and Professor-Bot discussing the ability to access Vault-Tec University's Restricted Wing.

Talk to Professor-Bot

  • You will discuss the ability to get into the Restricted Section of Vault-Tec University. Professor-Bot will inform you that in order for him to discuss anything with you, you need to have Vault-Tec University Credentials.This means that youwill only allow you to access the restricted section if you participate in the Overseer Simulation, which is run by Bots. After this conversation, you will need to go talk to the Security Chief to continue.

"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (3)

"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (4)"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (5)"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (6)

Talk to the Security Chief

  • "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (7)
  • To get to the Security Chief, exit the room you are in, turn right andgo down the hallway. At the endthere will be a broken floor that you need to go down.
    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (8)
  • Keep walking once downstairs to the quest marker and enter the room down the hallway to your right.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (9)"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (10)

  • Speak to Security Chief Robinson and he will tell you about the Vault Reactor Incident where an Engineer named Kelemen died.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (11)

  • Your mission will be to solve issue that is brewing between the Engineers and the Med staff.
  • For this next section, there are many different ways of resolving this, and for the purposes of this guide, we are doing one of the resolution paths. In the following path, we are going to get access to the Reactor Area to investigate the entire situation further.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (12)

Talk to Head Engineer Brass

  • Speak toHead Engineer Brass and he will tell you thatDoctor Loris is to blame for the death because he quarantined the reactor area where an engineer died.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (13)

  • Head Engineer Brass will request that you bring him the security recordings so he can edit them and frame Doctor Loris for the death of the engineer.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (14)

  • (Optional) Get the Security Recording
    • Use the Vault Security Terminal to copy the security recordings to a holotape.

Talk to Doctor Loris

  • ApproachDoctor Loris and he will tell you thatHead Engineer Brass is suffering from paranoia and needs to be treated for his illness.He will request that you inform the security team of his diagnosis so he can be treated for his illness.
  • As one of your options, you can request the key to the reactor area. He will decline to give you the key, however, you can acquire it if you use your Charisma or tell him thatyou demand it.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (15)

Search the Reactor Area

  • If you have a Lockpicking skill of one or more OR you use Charisma on Doctor Loris to get the key,you can unlock the door to the reactor area to find out what really happened.
  • You will enter into a radiation filled room where you will find the dead bodies of Estella and Kelemen.
  • Search Estella's body to find "Estella's Holotape" which will tell you of howEstella and Kelemen died to save the Vault together.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (16)

Deliver Estella's Holotape to Robinson

  • Show Robinson Estella's Holotape and put an end to the feud between the Vault's staff.

Follow Security Chief Robinson

  • Follow Security Chief Robinson down to the Vault where he will gather everyone together to explain that no one is to blame for the reactor incident and end the feud.

Talk to Professor-Bot

  • Head back toProfessor-Botand he will allow you to access Vault-Tec University's Restricted Wing.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (17)

Search theRestricted Wing

"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (18)

  • Head back down to the Vault and to the right of the robots you can open a door to a maintenance area.
  • Follow the path down to the RestrictedWing.
    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (19)
  • Activate the Projector and a presentation aboutVault 79 will play.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (20)

Listen to the Presentation

  • Listen to the presentation to learn aboutVault 79.

Talk to the Overseer

  • Talk to the Overseer about the possibilities of Vault 79. After this, you can either talk to Meg with the Raiders or with Paige from the Settlers. You can do all of their quests, however, you only need to pick one of these two to complete the next quest after Overseer, Overseen. Feel free to talk to both of these factions at this point in time.

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (21)
    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (22)

Talk to Meg about Vault 79 (Raiders)

  • Return to The Crater and ask Meg and the raiders to help youbreak into Vault 79.
  • Option 1)Display the Vault 79 Plans for Meg
  • Option 2) Convince Meg to break into the Vault 79.
  • Once you convince Meg to break intoVault 79, shewill ask you to find her demolitions expert, Lucky Lou and the quest will end.

Talk to Paige about Vault 79 (Settlers)

  • Return to Foundation and speak to Paige about hiring the settlers to help you break into Vault 79. This dialogue will lead you to the Settler quest chain "Trade Secrets"

    "Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (23)"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (24)

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"Overseer, Overseen" - Quest - Fallout 76 (2024)


Can you raid Vault 79 with both factions? ›

a long round about way of saying, yes no matter your pick or who you pick to side with, you can still do both factions dailies after.

Who should I do the Vault 79 heist with? ›

At max reputation, Raiders have a ArmCo ammunition construction appliance that build ammos for you freely without needing your resources. You can use or sell those ammos. So if you want it fast, go with raiders à Vault 79, but keep going with settlers too and get both side's reputation to the max..

Do you have to talk to Meg about Vault 79? ›

Siding with Crater: Meg must be spoken to by the vault dwellers to confirm that they have cast their lot with the raiders for the raid on Vault 79 and not the Settlers. From Russia With Lev: Meg asks the vault dwellers to check on Lou outside Vault 79.

Who is the final boss in Fallout 76? ›

The scorchbeast queen is an endgame boss in Fallout 76.

What happens if I surrender to the overseer? ›

If you surrender to him, then he'll take your weapons and use them against you. If you threaten to hurt Amata, then he'll give you his office key and password.

Does it matter who you side with in FO76? ›

Should You Help The Raiders Or Settlers? Although Fallout 76's Raiders vs Settlers moment seems like an all-or-nothing choice in the Secrets Revealed quest line, you can still obtain all the plans from each Faction, regardless of who you help in the raid.

Who is the traitor in Fallout 76 Raiders? ›

Interrogate Axel and find out that Lev hates Creed for protecting Barb from him. You will also find out that Barb is a snitch.

How much gold bullion is in Vault 79? ›

1000 gold bullion - In the gold processing room, west of the reactor.

What is the warning once you start the Vault 79 heist? ›

Speak to meg and you will recieve a warning that once you start the Vault 79 heist with the raiders at Crater, you wont be able to continue any quests with the Foundation Settlers. Select "Im ready" to complete the quest and recieve the Vault 79 Keypad Code.

Can you get both faction rewards in Fallout 76? ›

How to get both sides' Faction Rewards in Fallout 76. If you grind out dailies, you can actually get the faction rewards from both sides. All you need to do is hold off on completing the full story, and grind out reputation building quests.

What happens after you raid Vault 79? ›

you still have the overseer's mission to complete after vault 79. which is a lengthy quest line which gives you access to even more gear and a ton of lore about what happened. after you finish the overseer's mission, you then have the brotherhood quest line too.

Who to side with Overseer Overseen? ›

The player character can side with either Brass or Loris to remove that Mr. Handy's opponent. Loris will suggest putting Brass under medical supervision, treating his paranoia with drugs and therapy. Brass will want to expose Loris as a murderer.

Can you side with both Raiders and settlers? ›

You can do both sides and you can have max reputation on both sides. Reputation gives new items to buy at both sides. Look at this on the net, so make your choice thinking about it.

Can you open the Vault 79 door? ›

Complete the quest "Treasure Unknown" in the Grafton Pawn Shop. This quest will provide you with the code needed to access Vault 79 [1].

Should the overseer stay in Vault 88? ›

Talk with the Overseer and either allow her to leave the Vault to travel the Commomwealth, or convince her to stay. Convincing her to stay will get you the Legend of Vault 88, a suit that reduces damage from ghouls by 15%. And that's a wrap on the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC!

What happens if you expel overseer Barstow? ›

Overseer Barstow is the only one who knows enough about the Vault-Tec Prototypes to modify them. If she is exiled or killed, you will only have access to the default variant provided by the Vault-Tec Prototypes document.

How do I get into Vault 75 overseers office? ›

Kill the Gunners and get the admin access card from one of them. Now the player character should be in a room with a view to the diner they have been to previously. A Science bobblehead is on one of the tables. Backtrack to the lab room and use the admin access card on the door marked OVERSEER.

How do you complete the officer on deck mission in Fallout 76? ›

How To Complete The Officer On Deck Quest. Travel to the Whitespring Bunker's Military Wing, where MODUS will be waiting for you. Your goal is to gain access to the Command Wing of the Whitespring Bunker, but you first need to earn ten commendations and present them to MODUS for your promotion.


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