Read recent and archived obituaries and memorial notices from Review Journal. (2024)

Ernesto Estrada 1936 - 2020Ernesto, We are thankful for the wonderful example you were while here on Earth and we know that you are in Heaven with Jesus, but we miss you so much! Today, we remember you. We remember your smile, jokes, wisdom, and help. We are thankful for you! We love you!In Memoriam
Harold Phoenix 1944 - 2023My Dear Husband, we can't believe it's been a year already that your sweet soul passed on. You are remembered and thought of every day by all of us. Thank you for being a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Happy 80th birthday my love! You are forever in our hearts.In Memoriam
Thomas Mikkelson 1959 - 2023Our dear brother, Tom, passed away last year in New Mexico. Tom grew up in Las Vegas and lived here over 30 years. He camped and fished and adventured all over Nevada, Utah, and several other states. He taught his sisters, kids, grandkids, step kids, nieces and nephews how to bait a hook and clean and cook a fish....In Memoriam
Jason Berzinski 1940 - 2024Celebration of life for Jason Berzinski Saturday April 13th at 4.00pm Bentleys bar and grill 2640 E Sunset Rd Las Vegas NvIn Memoriam
Jim and Margaret WilliamsA celebration of the lives of Jim and Margaret Williams will take place at Christ Church Episcopal at 2000 S. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas on April 13, 2024 at 1:00 pm. Jim and Margaret lived 66 years in the Las Vegas Valley from 1950-2016. Both died in Reno in 2023, but they chose to come back to the community...In Memoriam
Robert Kelly 1935 - 2024Robert or "Kelly" was born in Fort Worth, Tx. and passed In Las Vegas at the age of 88. His legacy will live on through his songs as a life-long musician, songwriter and producer. He is survived by his sister Karen Lisle and son Adam Kelly. A celebration of a life well-lived will be held with close friends and...In Memoriam
Marietta Kerman 1927 - 2024Marietta Kerman passed peacefully with her family by her side. She was sparkly and smart, and will be missed.In Memoriam
Kevin Hunt 1958 - 2024Kevin Hunt, 65, of Las Vegas, NV, passed away on February 19, 2024, at home in Las Vegas, NV. He was born on October 5, 1958, in Las Vegas, NV. Kevin was a caring brother to Jackie Sullivan, Ron Mancuso, and brother-in-law to Steve Sullivan. He was also a cherished uncle to Shane Sullivan. He is preceded in death...In Memoriam
leon braget 1984 - 2024In loving memory of leon Braget a young life that left us to soon we will miss you more than you know see you on the other sideIn Memoriam
Jimmie Saxton 1941 - 2023We are sad to announce the passing of Jimmie Saxton on December 12, 2023 at 82. Jimmie was born on March, 29, 1941 in Newton, Mississippi to Richard and Cora Saxton. He served with the United States Army from 1963-1967. After, he met and married Ann Marie Saxton and began his career in the construction industry ....In Memoriam
Maria Sotelo 1961 - 2022Happy Heavenly Birthday. It has been almost two years since your courageous battle with cancer ended. Your beautiful and heartwarming smile is missed every day. We love you. Family and FriendsIn Memoriam
Vance Tidwell 1951 - 2023The family of Vance Lee Tidwell of Henderson, Nevada, announces his passing on December 7, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah. For full obituary, plese visit Russon Brothers Mortuary website at: Memoriam
Wendy Bortnick-Hayden 1943 - 2023Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. I see you everywhere and I will love you and miss you forever. Especially on your birthday. TomIn Memoriam
CHRISTINE (WOLAK) REAMER 1946 - 2011Your husband and the Wolak family still think of you. Happy Birthday SweetheartIn Memoriam
William Roseberry 1936 - 2023God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts. Gone but never, ever forgotten. Love, Marva, Marc, Michael, Charlotte, and all your grandchildren and great-grandchildrenIn Memoriam
Erin Garvey 1988 - 2021Happy 35th Birthday in Heaven Erin. You left a huge hole in our hearts when you left us. Love, your familyIn Memoriam
Gino Maestas Jr. 1993 - 2015Happy 30th Birthday in Heaven Pumpkin, God needed an angel in heaven to stand at the Savior's feet; His choice must be the rarest lily pure and sweet. He gazed upon the mighty throng then stopped and picked the best, our Son was His chosen one with Jesus he's now at rest. We love and miss you so much. Love Momma,...In Memoriam
Franklin Nunes Sr 1949 - 2023Franklin Lee Nunes Sr, resident of Henderson, Nevada, passed away on 10/17/23 from complications from a stroke at Sunrise Hospital. He was 74 years old. He served as a apprentice Fireman in Coast Guard during Vietnam, and was the Owner and President of Roberts Concrete in California. He retired from Jensen...In Memoriam
JOSEPHINE GRIPPALDIJOSEPHINE GRIPPALDI Nov. 6, 1940 Sept. 20, 2013 Mom, It's amazing how quickly 10 years have passed since you've been gone. You had such a positive impact on everyone in your life and you were truly one of a kind. Your kindness, toughness, and love left a lasting impact on all who knew you. We miss you all the...In Memoriam
PHILIP GRIPPALDI SR 2021PHILIP S. GRIPPALDI, SR. Sept. 25, 1940 Sept. 14, 2021 Dad, You've been gone two years, and we think about you and miss you every day. You totally come to life when we listen to your music, drive your 1959 Imperial "Big Guy," and retell your stories and sayings. You were a loving Dad who always put us first, and...In Memoriam
Wesley Box 1987 - 2023Please join us Sept. 3, 2023 at 6 pm at Lone Mountain Park to celebrate Wesley's life. Please bring Happy Memories and stories to share along with a dish if you would like. A GO FUND ME has been made in his honor.In Memoriam
Jeridith Nixon 1929 - 2023Jeridith "Jeri" Lee Nixon passed away on August 24, 2023 at her home in Henderson, NV, age 93. Born to the late Frank and Gertrude Potter in Milwaukee, WI, she was raised in the Chicago area and attended high school in Oak Park IL and college at Northwestern University in Evanston IL. In 1950, she married Jack...In Memoriam
William Gallinger 1926 - 1998The ashes of William (Bill) Davis Gallinger were permanently laid to rest on 07/31/2023 in a ceremony with full military honors at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, OR. Bill was born 07/31/1926 in Butte, MT and died 03/17/1998 in Las Vegas, NV. He joined the Merchant Marine after graduating from High School...In Memoriam

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Read recent and archived obituaries and memorial notices from Review Journal. (2024)


Do you read the obituary at a memorial service? ›

Paying respects and support: By including obituary readings in a funeral or memorial service, attendees have an opportunity to pay their respects to the deceased and offer support to the grieving family. It demonstrates care, compassion, and solidarity during a difficult time.

What is the largest obituary website? ›

The Web site hosts obituaries and memorials for more than 70 percent of all U.S. deaths. hosts obituaries for more than three-quarters of the 100 largest newspapers in the U.S., by circulation.

Is an obituary a scholarly source? ›

Obituaries published by high-quality reliable sources are often treated as valuable sources for articles on deceased individuals, since they provide a broad overview of the subject's life. The term "obituary" is sometimes applied to paid death notices, as well as news obituaries.

What are the differences between death notices and obituaries? ›

Death notices are short and to the point—Name, date of death and where/when the services will be held. However, the obituaries highlight the deceased's community involvement, accomplishments, interests and survivor's names of the beloved.

Is it normal to read obituaries? ›

We all do. I would take note of the notice on reaching the end of one section or another of the daily paper where obituaries are usually printed. Reading an obituary is not so much an act of mourning a death but of reviewing a life of notable accomplishment and celebrating it.

How much should a pastor be paid for a funeral? ›

Some pastors will state outright the fee for them to conduct the funeral service, while others will ask for a donation to the church. When it comes to donations, this can either be a monetary donation, with $150-$200 often being the most common, or a gift.

How do you find a person who passed away? ›

  1. Start an Online Search. Arguably the best way to find out whether or not someone you know has passed is to begin an online search. ...
  2. Check Social Media. ...
  3. Use Word of Mouth. ...
  4. Read The Paper or Watch The Local News. ...
  5. Go To An Archive Facility. ...
  6. Review Government Records.

How to find out if someone has died? ›

A basic online search may reveal an obituary or information about a memorial service. Type the person's name and words like “death,” “obituary,” or “memorial” and any personal information you may have, such as their date of birth or names of close relatives who could be mentioned as one of their surviving kin.

Is it okay to go to the funeral but not the wake? ›

Likewise, it is totally acceptable to attend the funeral service but not the reception. If you have to miss the function, try to say a quick goodbye to the family after the service and let them know you are unable to join them afterwards.

What should you not include in an obituary? ›

In most cases, obituaries do not include the names or nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, or in-laws unless they were close to the deceased. Grandchildren are sometimes listed but often numbered instead (…he leaves behind 5 grandchildren).

How much do you get paid to write obituaries? ›

$127K. How accurate is a total pay range of $98K-$168K/yr? Your input helps Glassdoor refine our pay estimates over time.

Should an obituary list cause of death? ›

The first paragraph of the obituary should include the deceased person's full name, including any nicknames they may have used, their age, date and place of death. Some people choose to include cause of death, but this is optional depending on how much information you would like to share.

Why would someone not want an obituary? ›

Some may feel that it is too personal or private to share with the public, while others may not have the financial means to pay for its publication. Additionally, some families may prefer to grieve privately and not draw attention to the death.

How long after a death is a funeral? ›

A funeral is typically held around one or two weeks after the death, though it may be longer if the funeral director only has certain days available or if there is an inquest into the death. You may wish for your loved one to be buried as soon as possible, depending on their religious beliefs.

Are obituaries a security risk? ›

Identity thieves may try to use the stolen identities of deceased people to procure fraudulent tax returns, get medical care, open credit card accounts or even borrow money.

What is the etiquette for memorial services? ›

The abiding rule at memorial services is to be respectful at all times. Avoid eating and drinking inside the church or funeral home (unless food and refreshments are offered) or answering phone calls during the service.

Do you read a eulogy at a celebration of life? ›

Regardless of the life service you are having, a family member or best friend will be the master of ceremony. A eulogy will be given and this can be formal or informal. Additional ways to honor the deceased can be a funny story or specific memories shared of the life being celebrated.

Do you have a eulogy at a memorial service? ›

Because each life is different, there are no hard and fast rules for what to include, but they will all include a eulogy or tribute. Sometimes the tribute is all delivered by the funeral celebrant. Sometimes friends and/or family members will also give a eulogy.

What is the difference between obituary and tribute? ›

Obituary: A written biography of a recently deceased person published in a newspaper. Tribute: To pay honor, admiration, or homage. Tribute speeches are commemorative speeches that pay honor, admiration, and homage to an occasion, person, event, thing, or idea.


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