Constitutional right to housing
under the Civil Rights Committee

Жилищный кодекс 2005. Новый жилищный кодекс


Legal support of business

Have you decided to start earning your own income and register an ooo? Great, but where to start? Every aspiring entrepreneur carrying out activities must be guided by certain laws. Therefore, the normal activity of any business is impossible without the competent participation of a lawyer. This truth is firmly established among the representatives of small and large businesses everywhere.

A qualified lawyer will trace the opening of the company at all stages of registration and will help to avoid violations of the law and errors at the initial stage of the newly formed enterprise. And this is only the beginning of long-term cooperation. Further legal support of the business will help the head of the company not to be distracted to solve legal situations, but to focus on solving current issues. The lawyer will develop a package of internal documentation of the company, take on the drafting of orders, job descriptions, work rules and other actions that require special knowledge. A lawyer who works for a company provides a full range of legal services, including the representation of firms in the courts on various issues related to resolving business disputes and conflicts of an administrative nature.

Effective and timely legal assistance is a major advantage in a dispute, as the rule is decisive. Therefore, representation in a civil court will be an important type of legal assistance in the fair resolution of lawsuits on civil, labor, legal, legislative, environmental, land or other legal relations. In the organization of the process of the company can appear controversies of an economic nature, arising between commercial organizations, business entities or individual entrepreneurs.

The resolution of such conflicts is the arbitration court. And again, the assistance will be provided by a lawyer who will carry out representation in the arbitration court on behalf of the company. This is a very important point, since the coverage of disputes resolved in arbitration is quite wide: issues of recovery of debts, compensation for loss and damage, controversial places in different contracts, such as construction contracts, copyright protection, and intellectual property rights, violation of sales and purchase agreements, etc.

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