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Ip cameras - inexpensive solution for organizing video surveillance

In the trading room, warehouse and office of our company, we have long wanted to install video surveillance cameras. But what brand of devices to buy? The choice after inquiries and long searches fell on the range of firms Axis and m-AVR. In the production and development of video cameras and video recorders of various purposes, both manufacturers have extensive experience, their products are distinguished by high quality and relatively low cost. Why two manufacturers? We just decided to connect not only video surveillance equipment, but also video registration, and m-AVR and Axis are each recognized leader in their field.
  • IP network cameras, the latest development of Axis, are able to transmit video information over local and Internet networks. According to the manufacturer, the observation of the object can be made from almost anywhere in the world. Enough access to the web, and a regular computer. In addition, you will not need additional accessories for video surveillance - the IP video camera has a built-in network controller and transmits data on its own. And, of course, these cameras can, along with broadcasting to the network, transmit to an ordinary monitor. Such systems have long been successfully used for monitoring, for example, the traffic situation in large cities. The task of video surveillance was absolutely solved after connecting the IP camera (among other things, interested in the possibilities and the area of ​​using IP cameras, their basics of operation, refer to the original source. Video monitoring could be performed remotely via the local network and by the security service from the monitors.
  • The question remained It turned out that for this purpose it is not at all necessary to use expensive and cumbersome equipment, the operation of which will require considerable qualification. m-AVR's trators can be controlled even by an untrained operator. After some deliberation, we decided to use DVRs without using built-in IP cameras (in order to save money). I used the same video signal from IP cameras as a surveillance video to the DVR (I used model m-AVR-1), and got what is called & quot; two in one & quot;
  • My company's employees use miniature digital audio and video recorders & quot; m-AVR V-01 & quot; not exceeding in size miniatu pny mobile phone. Due to its modest size and visual similarity with the cellular, it turned out to be quite easy to implement hidden video surveillance. View the footage there is an option via mobile or PC.
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