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Air humidifiers and weather station

Nowadays, a person has to spend a significant part of his life in enclosed spaces with his own microclimate, and this large part is about 80%. The fact that we actually do not happen to nature and fresh air, and the air of city streets can not be considered fresh, greatly affects health. More disturbing is the fact that lately an increasing number of modern office-type office complexes have begun to be built, in which even the window can not be opened to ventilate the room. Vents in such buildings are simply not on the project, and the air circulates through extensive ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you are not left indifferent to these facts, then you are invited to check the air in your office. For this purpose, special devices have been developed - digital weather stations. Such digital weather stations can effectively determine the temperature, pressure and humidity of the air. Digital weather station - a miniature and relatively affordable device, equipment that would be envied by weather forecasters and meteorologists 30 years ago. The development and distribution of semiconductor microprocessors has enabled the implementation of these weather stations.

However, the weather station is only half the battle, it will help you find out the state of the atmosphere in the room, which will be the site of your long stay. Now you need to take care of how to correct the situation. The air in our working areas remains an immediate health hazard. Low humidity - its main drawback. The air must contain at least 5% water vapor. The lungs of people are extremely affected by dry air. Remember the aviation officers, flight attendants and pilots who spend at sea altitude. The average life expectancy of this group of people does not exceed sixty years - dry air reduces their life for years. A device called a humidifier allows you to cope with dry air. In Europe, air purifiers humidifiers are a mandatory attribute of the office, along with computers and fans. Atmosphere of the room humidifier saturates with water vapor, simultaneously cleaning the air from harmful components. Devices are available that not only moisten the air, but also saturate it with ionized molecules necessary for humans. It is important that in the natural environment the air is ionized by solar radiation, our body is used in the evolutionary process to receive ions. Air purifiers humidifiers protect your health.

In numerous web stores, you can easily select air humidifiers, there are some in companies supplying office equipment. At the very least, it is not at all difficult to select a similar technique that preserves health in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The most reputable brands that produce air purifiers humidifiers are companies from Germany and Italy.

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