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The constitutional right to housing
the Committee for Civil Rights

Housing Code of 2005 new housing code


The destitute old people, mothers and children. Who is guilty?

As the falsified parliamentary elections in 2011

Large-scale field experiments conducted in December 2011 in the parliamentary elections in Russia, showed that the actions of fraudsters We have strongly influenced the result. Scientists are asked to pay attention to what their research can be considered a milestone in the history of attempts to calculate scale fraud.

Experts estimate that in one Only Moscow fraudsters clocked "United Russia" at least 11 percentage points, ie 635 thousand. extra votes, allowing the party authorities to keep the majority in the Duma. "We started this project for the benefit of Society did not think about the scientific work. But when they saw how were huge consequences, decided that should be about it write ", - admits Maria Petrova from the New Economic School (NES), also collaborating with the School of Public and International Relations them. Woodrow Wilson and the Center for the Study of Democratic policy at Princeton University (USA).

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Through the courts pass - not a bed

CourtArgue with local officials or even complain about them - it's not hopeless, as it seems to many of our readers. Just need to clear understand their rights and to demand guarantees of compliance with them in the prosecutor's office and court.

Let's try to give advice to those who are faced with mutual responsibility of persons in positions of authority. As you know, came into force the new Code of Civil Procedure. That's it, and we will guide.

First of all be clear to whom and when it is necessary submit an application. Reader Mail revealed that one of the most A common misconception is the belief that it is necessary to pre-trial go through all the possible instances. Not at all. Regardless of walking on offices citizen has the right to demand judicial protection. The main thing is not skip the treatment period in the court. He is 3 months from the date when man became aware of the violation of his rights and freedoms (art. 256 CCP RF).

If you initially turned to a higher way of subordination instance, the term of this estimate should be subject to the provisions of the Law " About appealing against the actions and decisions violating the rights and freedoms citizens " (See Article 4 of ".. On introduction of the CCP RF "). In this case within one month from the date of receipt of written citizen notification to dismiss the complaint (or after 2 months after the filing of the application if a written response to it has not been received), he must go to court. Out of the current Code of Civil Procedure and the prohibition on simultaneous appeal to a higher court and the structure. And if the judge try in this case, to refuse to accept the application, it is necessary to remind his art. 248 and Art. 134 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, which does not provide for such grounds for refusal.

contesting decisions and actions (inaction) of state authorities, local government officials, state and municipal employees, the applicant, in accordance with Part 2 of Article 254 of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, I choose the place of the proceedings. It can refer not only to the court based on the location of the defendant, and the court at his place of residence.

In a statement, it is important to make it clear that the offense of the officer must It is deemed unlawful, which rights and freedoms are violated as a result of (Part 1 of Article 247 of the Code of Civil Procedure). Just do not immediately show a claim for damages. Otherwise, the judge will leave the application without movement, and sometimes even refuse to accept. It is better to first make recognizing illegal the contested decision, and then in the usual claim right to claim damages and compensation for moral damage.

Communicating with government officials, remember that talk " to the case will not sew ". GIC Now regulate the order of the court audio and video recordings. In addition, all their appeals and requests, it is desirable to prepare in writing. If necessary, such a paper and responses possible used as forensic evidence.

(Vladimir Golubev, PhD in Law)


About the reasons of legal nihilism
Will the guidance department of housing and communal services in Moscow the Constitution


NGOs: how to proceed
Found at NCB billion foreign financing can not be analyzed


Who among your family and friends will be planted because of the new on registration law
In Russia, just about the law is adopted, considering all citizens of the country as the former criminals and living according to the rules Parole

Who will win homophobia in Russia

Who will win homophobia in Russia
About possible forms of civic activism

Psychiatric examination as revenge

Psychiatric examination as revenge
The former head of the trade unions of all state officials Lyudmila Popkov I arrived at Radio Liberty broadcasts after examination Kashchenko

Terrorists have no nationality?

Terrorists have no nationality?
I do not " friend ", and the usual humanitarian scientist.


Slavery in Moscow
Slavery in Moscow, and what it costs to citizens error the police


Seven-year-old with a 1.5 kid evicted onto the street
Family with a small child was in hopeless on hands situation.


Persons with disabilities - "foreign agents"?
The law about NCOs in action


The Constitutional Court decided on the case on the right citizens to appeal election results
The voter has the right to rely on the fact that his voice will properly taken into account in determining the election results.


And you know what are human rights?

The European courtIn Each person has certain rights. Just because we - the people. We say "law" because it is about what we have a right to be, what to do and what to have. These are needed to protect the rights of those people who wish to harm you or hurt you. And these rights are needed so that we can get along with each other and live in peace.

Many people are aware of some of their rights. They know, for example, that have the right to salary and the right to participate in elections. But there are many other rights.

When people do not know their rights, they could face abuse, for example, discrimination, intolerance, suppression and slavery.

The Universal Declaration of the Rights was adopted by the United Nations after mankind had to go through the horrors and mass extermination of people in the Second World War. The Declaration was written in order to have all the people were full and correct understanding of human rights. She is It serves as the basis for building a civilization on the principles of freedom, justice and peace.

The inviolability of the person
When the eviction of the family with young children allowed gas

The inviolability of the person31 May in Moscow during the illegal eviction of the family Lazarev police special forces used a gas. The apartment at: Spartak lane, d. 26, Bldg. 1, Apt. 42 (m ". Bauman ") 11 hours, tried to break into an unidentified special forces with a view to evict the family Lazarev (including two children - 13 years old and less than a year)
Lazarev. considered illegal eviction because they appealed the decision bailiffs, as interests of children have been violated. The 13-30 was applied the unknown " friendly " gas white vyzvavashy suffocation. When eviction lawyer present Lazarev, who warned the presence of children. When the assault was also attended by a representative of the service care and guardianship district board " Basmanny ".
As a result - no court decisions - the family, including children, was evicted. And all this on the eve of Children's Day.

/IA "For Human Rights"/

Russia "signed" with human rights

As already reported, the MSP, an international organization Amnesty International, I prepared a report on the human rights situation in Russia. specialists studied issues related to the observance of the rights to freedom of expression opinions, association and assembly in the Russian Federation. Organization I came to the conclusion that these three basic rights are violated in recent years. Human rights defenders, independent civil society organizations, political opposition and ordinary citizens one way or another been affected by the assault on civil and political rights.

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Mother of many children, and her six children - homeowners, but homeless.

 large families possessive mother and her minor children, by a decision of the owners Kuz'minskii court removed from the register means for nonresidency place of residence. Moscow City Court decision in fact set a precedent in prison residence homeowners and discharge of minors children-owners on the street. And like decorum met: the fact nonresidency at his residence. Family together with registration deprived of the means of subsistence: social cards Muscovite, identification of a large mother and benefits, allowances, compensations and children dt.

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In Ulyanovsk, a large family, tired of living in a cave environment, He is preparing to go on hunger strike.

   ,      ,   Desperate people say that such radical measures - the last chance to reach local authorities. Officials did not notice the family at close range, in which four adults and five children crammed into a tiny room: sleeping on the floor, eating in turn. Zharinova has estimated that one person in them accounts for one and a half meter of living space - smaller than a prison cell. Natalia Zharinova not depart from your phone - the Embassy of Spain soundly occupied. Someone told her that this country be happy It takes migrants." If we do not want to allocate the apartment, then let give money so we left Russia ", - he says seriously female. Her head does not fit one more thing: why demographic presidential initiatives and widely publicized national projects, refracted through the prism of Russia Indeed, populism transformed into sordid, and sometimes in the most real mockery of the country's inhabitants. Natalia - a mother of four daughters - believes that it has done a lot for Russia and can expect to return at least a one-bedroom apartment. Local officials a very different opinion. " No you did not ask to give birth to as many children ", - constantly heard in the address of the woman.

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